Future Implications

Social Media keyboard

Social Media is everywhere! If you want to be in business, see what is happening, want to be known, and want to be heard… You must be present in social media.

As human behavior fluctuates so does technological needs and social media platforms. When social media had its big bang, it was the technology savvy (early adopters and millennials) that had the power to manipulate social media tools. Now a days, the business world revolves around social media and people of all genders and ages use it.


What does evolving SM and technology represent for businesses?

Marketers must use social media tools to gain competitive advantage. They must keep updated with technology and all the changing trends in social media. When strategies are being developed, plans should include joining possible new SM tools and platforms that might become useful to the company.

Social media has evolved from concentrating on “going viral” to creating significant engagement, marketing services and products. Consumers are using social media channels to strengthen their voices to their own networks.

Engagement on social media shows the natural place in human interaction that these networks have gained. It shows the connectedness and the necessity thereof in our culture. It is a symptom of the real-time, sharing network we live in. As a result, knowledge and news sharing becomes much more effective and wide spread.

The information businesses have about their customers and audiences will continue to be highly important…. the more you can connect with them will = customer loyalty.

The need for new data reception; proximity data, search and purchase history combined with social mediaimages1 will create new platforms that will provide all in real time.

According to Chris Marentis; Founder and CEO of Surefire Social:

  • Calling a call center and receiving almost immediate help and solution because of the data that is available.
  • Driving by your local grocery store and receiving simultaneously a tweet informing you of special deals of the day
  • Internet access everywhere- companies have to make sure that all content from all sites and all SM platforms are ready for changes.
  • SM should combine posting text with videos and other tools to increase engagement and interaction with customer
  • Brands will become more interactive
  • New Platforms (CMS) will help small business effectively create and publish information
  • Metrics will improve and must be used
  • Shift in SM expectations; more than just networking, “mark-up” data generated content
  • Data will become more marketable and new platforms will operate them creating new opportunities for social marketing