K-12 Social Media Tools

K-12The yellow pages days are long gone!

If we need to find a business or service we turn to the Internet. Same case applies to Independent K-12 schools. If they want to be found and heard they must be present in social media. Social media tools provide channels for Communication, Public Relations and Branding. Continue reading


My FitnessPal vs’Lose It!

We all want to lose a few a pounds and what a better way than by using free mobile apps that allows you to keep track of meals and exercise on a daily basis. Two of the most popular calorie counter apps according to an article on Healthline.com, are My FitnessPal and LoseIt!.

Star Rating

  • ****1/2 My Fitness Pal- 2,212 ratings on iPhone
  • ***1/2 Lose It!- 1,763 ratings on iPhone

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