Help! What Social Media Channel do I use?

smHelp! I am a beginner, What Social Media Channel do I use? Many professionals and students own their small businesses or are in the process of setting up their social media channels. With so many new social media channels (also called networks), there can be a confusion as to which one should your business be on.  It’s important to understand first who your target audience is and know what social media channel they are in to begin with.  Setting a budget for your social media channel promoting is a key factor. Has your business allocated a budget for this? Or are you just looking for free ways to promote your business.

Why should I be on Social Media to begin with?
As a business owner who is just starting, your resources and funds are limited. Traditional trad-medimedia can be quite expensive, and difficult to track the audience’s reaction. On the other hand, social media is far less expensive and in some cases free.  As technology improves, so do the resources to get noticed offering a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. Continue reading