When deciding where to buy teacher supplies, there are two companies that come to mind. Ace Educational; a local South Florida retail store and Really Good Stuff. Both these companies provide printed catalogs, online ordering and 1-800 customer service numbers. However, their social media engagement level differs.

“A social media program can provide organizations with detailed, virtually instant feedback from customers and valuable and market intelligence” (Blanchard, 2011).

ACE_logoACE Educational

Founded in 1974, it is a local South Florida retail store that provides customers with SM tools such as Facebook, Pinterest and You Tube.

  • The company’s Facebook page has 3,450 likes and active postings involving consumers and allowing for feedback from them.  
  • Their Pinterest account seems very vague as it only has two pins and not that many followers.  
  • YouTube, promotional material such as sales, and anti-bullying campaigns

  • On their website, ACE Education al provides customers with a link to their calendar of events allowing them to engage with their activities.


This company has been in service since 1992 and provides service across the United States. Although they do not have a physical retail store like ACE Educational does, they have an extensive array of social media engagement with their customers.

  • Their Facebook page has 197,941 likes, it is very engaging as it is constantly posting, encouraging consumers to provide feedback or comment, asking creative questions and giving tips and ideas.  
  •  The company’s Twitter account has 6,202 followers and over 13.9K tweets, making them very active on Twitter. They even provide chat sessions on Twitter which are 1 hour free sessions that allow for professional development.  Teachers get support and share ideas on timely, education-related topics. On their website, they provide a calendar of events on their live Twitter Chats.
Live Twitter Chat
  • Teacher Blog created exclusively for teachers to communicate, toss out ideas, give suggestions, support. The blog has created a community of teachers to be in touch and toss out their ideas. LinkedIn page is very engaging 228 followers, provides lots of information pertaining to education. Allows for feedback and even provides contest information and sign up opportunities.
  • Really Good Stuff has a great Pinterest page. With over 56 creative boards and 21,400 followers.  
  • Being in South Florida myself, I can say that our school purchases more from Really Good Stuff than ACE. It is evident that Really Good Stuff does a much better job at engaging their consumers on social media. Although they are a much bigger company than ACE Educational, ACE should embrace their local customers on social media a bit more ensuring their loyalty.

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