Twitter & Blogs.. the right tools

tweet calm“Blogs and Twitter fit like a hand in a glove. Twitter is like the trailer to the blog’s movie” (The Tao of Twitter,2012)

The best Blogging tips:

Blogging allows you to express your interests, point of view and/or business. If you blog about a topic that you know about whether it is business related or informal, it’s easier to make the information engaging informative if you stick to subjects that you know about. When blogging one must remember to make reference of other bloggers (cite the sources), use images (watch out for copyright), create impacting headlines or slogans and use podcast and/or videos. It’s important to constantly read and comment on other bloggers while citing each other; this creates exposure and validity to blogs.  

“Blog reading is one of the most popular activities on the internet. 1 of every 3 Americans read blogs” (Li & Bernoff, 2011)

Interesting Blogging help sites include:

  • Google Blog Search – good engine to find blogs that talk about your interests or your business. The search engine can find the most influential blogs related to your topics.
  • Team up with monitoring services such as; Nielsen to find mentions regarding your blogs, company and competition.
  • A site that has built-in reports, smart searches and measures your impact is Sprout Social.

A few tips for Tweeting done right:

Why are you using Twitter? Deciding the purpose will give you a better pathway as to choosing a name, who to follow, who you want to follow you, a strategy for tweeting and what information to share. What will your strategy be… tweeting about several topics or just focusing on one subject… formal tweeting or relaxed and casual tweeting…

communicateIf your goal is to promote or sell your service/business or to influence others, you want to draw attention to your tweets. You can do this by communicating–   messaging directly, engaging with other users and tweet away focusing on getting your information out into the Twitter universe.

Or will you be a listener… You must choose what content and who you walistennt to follow whether it is trendy news, celebrities, social media updates or pertaining market information. It will be a good idea to utilize filtering tools, including hashtags and Twitter lists. Use a good image – an image is worth a 1000 words! It’s important to remember to use head shots or company logos that are not too wordy. Twitter accounts take formatted images such as JPG, PNG or GIF and a maximum of 700 KB. Make sure to include links to your website, Facebook account and any other Social Media accounts. Hashtags – want your post to create more impacts? The use of hashtags (suggested two per tweet) allows the words you #hashtag to become more viral. Make sure you choose words that are related to what you are posting about or to your industry area.

 Why should you be on Twitter? The Facts…

  • 79% of Twitter followers are more likely to recommend brands since becoming a fan or follower(Tao of Twitter, 2012).
  • Twitter users are the most influential online consumers—more than 70%  publish blog posts at least monthly, 70% comment on blogs, 61% write at least one product review monthly, and 61% comment on news sites (Tao of Twitter, 2012).

K-12 Examples of Good use of Twitter & Blogs..

Risca Community Comprehensive – with over 4,318 tweets, this school is an example of twitter done right. It manages informative tweets for parents, staff and students. Academia Cotopaxi – Has begun to tweet constantly, using images and videos that are engaging followers to re tweet and like. The information is appealing to parents, stakeholders and the community in general.  


7 thoughts on “Twitter & Blogs.. the right tools

  1. Twitter is such an effective platform – I think it’s great the schools are utilizing it. Students and parents can get school notices in real-time, while also engaging with the school community. Nice post!

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