Facebook the best SM app to connect to other businesses

Ever wondered what mobile SM works best to advertise through K-12 schools? There are several mobile applications in the K-12 industry. But probably the one that drives business services or products to consumers or other businesses by connecting fans, businesses and audiences is Facebook.

 Just by liking the page, you can view other fans who have liked the page; you are able to see photographs and events. Businesses that have alikerelationship with the particular school can take advantage of this relationship and be able to promote their own business through the school’s Facebook page.

Sagemont School
Sagemont School

Let’s see example, Rubik Cube School is promoting their Holiday Boutique Fundraising event, the event’s promotional material uses ABC’s clothing logo and Flower Power Candies logo. The promotional material is published on Rubik Cube School’s Facebook page which can then be viewed by fans that like the page. As well, an event can be promoted the same way and a fan can share the image on their own page and create an even bigger audience for the event.

 “When you publish a post that has a lot of engagement, it will reach users that do not already like your page – which can increase your negative feedback. Look at the positive and negative feedback together to determine if you’re posting something your fans don’t like”


Facebook allows other businesses to post reviews about the school (can be viewed and declined before they are posted). Usually, if a business wants the publicity for them, they will post quality comments.

For many K-12 schools, Facebook is serves as a mean of keeping touch with alumni as well. At the same time, it allows for alumni to advertise and post their own businesses or services on their school page.

If the school has an article written about them, they can post it on their Facebook page, and create publicity for the magazine or newspaper that advertised them.

The examples are endless, there is no doubt that apps such as Facebook pages drive other businesses and services to and from the page.

 The success is measured by applying Facebook’s Metrics that allow businesses to:

  • measure number of likes
  • keep track of fans
  • track favorite posts by viewers
  • track dislikes ( what post, what date)
  • track fans lost by date
  • decide what comments and feedback you want posted on the page

The more engaged your fans are, the bigger the audience becomes.Social Media Examiner describes several of the Facebook Metrics in detail.

What are you waiting for to get your business advertised on a K-12 Facebook page?


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